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Our Twitter has been exploding with Twilight fans going through Robert Pattinson withdrawal. Why the ef aren't we seeing anything kissy and up close this time around?

Like we've said, everything is very chill up north (on and off the set, for once), but don't think that has come easily. Security has very much been pumped up, not only to keep a little more suspense this time around, but also, of course, to keep the cast feeling safe.

"We had to," dishes our well-placed source, somewhat annoyed that the Fort-Knox-esque steps were taken. "It was unavoidable."

Glad to know those snitty suits are taking better care of R.Pattz and crew this time around—which is what it's all about. It's not at all about keeping us from seeing things, but just protecting the very lives of their virtual cash cows known as Rob and Kristen Stewart. Say moo if you love Robsten, too!

But that's the thing, folks. People on the set are putting all their effort into keeping Rob—mainly, but K.Stew, too—happy (not that Rob requires that much attention). As for the other castmembers? Uh, not too much of a priority...

When we were chatting with Deep Twi 'bout how Nikki Reed was not only out of the picture, but letting Robsten be, one of our very favest insiders sassed back that if your name wasn't "Robert" or "Kristen," forget being priority numero uno. And they were very emphatic about that. Very.

We have to pretend and be sad here that that edict unfortunately includes our luscious, pumped werewolf Taylor Lautner. While he definitely is one of Summit's go-to guys, the studio's become far more concerned lately with making sure Rob and Kristen are happy—forget what you see in cheesy, staged photo ops.

Quite the change from several months ago when they were calling in emergency meetings to plan how to keep Robsten apart. Glad everyone is playing nice. Not to mention smart.

Oh, and Deep Twi insists—again—Robsten's carousing is not on lockdown. They are "completely free" to do what they want. Of course, that's easy to say knowing what they want is for the public (and media) not to know what exactly the ef is going down between them. Although thankfully, they are doing less of a good job of hiding it. It's win-win right now for both parties.

Especially those of us who are in love with rebel love!

Are you happy things are almost drama free in Twilight land? Or do you naughty fans kind of miss the forbidden romance? And I'm not just talking about who Nikki's sneaking in to her trailer.


Robsten rules the roost when it comes to our Rebel Lovers gallery.

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