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Is Megan Fox as crazy as she thinks she is?

Whelp, she recently told Wonderland magazine, "I constantly struggle with the idea that...I'm a borderline personality, or that I have bouts of mild schizophrenia." She then called her director "endearing" and "like Hitler" in the same interview. Of course distinguishing "crazy" from "crazy hot" requires an actual visit to a shrink. But psychiatrists still had a few insights based on Megan's behavior...

First things first: If Megan thinks she has a mental disorder, she needs to see a mental professional, although airing her musings is quite riveting as far as free entertainment goes.

"Whenever you see snippets in interviews, it's hard, if not impossible, to say, 'That's an Axis 1 disorder,'" says clinical psychiatrist Dr. Paul Dobransky, referring to serious mental conditions. "That said, she definitely doesn't have schizophrenia. First off, when that happens, it's more often to women in their late 20s, and Megan is 23. And she's so highly functional that wouldn't even enter my mind."

So what about something closer to a mere personality disorder—narcissistic disorder, just, you know, say? Again, not necessarily likely, Dobransky tells me. There's nothing in that interview that even comes close to indicating such a thing. In fact, based on the quotes above, Megan may actually be demonstrating she's—get this—pretty healthy. Young women her age often express a desire for growth and normality, and voice a curiosity about where they fit into all that, Dobransky explains.

By airing her inner thoughts on this kind of stuff, Fox may be oversharing, sure. But she also has displayed "the process of general psychological maturity," Dobransky tells me. "This fits her psychological development and maturity level. It sounds perfectly healthy and age-appropriate to me."

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

OK, Megan's clearly crazy like a Fox, but you can demonstrate your sanity by carefully examining our Many Moods of Megan Fox gallery.

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