Blind Vice

School might be about to start for all you young'uns, but we're at the end of our Back to School Madness series. And it truly has been madness, has it not? What better way to send those education-needin' celebs off to school than by picking Most Popular, the highest superlative of them all!

But this isn't the classic tale of cheerleader or jock or student council president winning the vote—we decided to change it up a bit, Awful style. Your vote is counting for the Most Popular Blind Vice.

Tricky, no? Who do you think wins the prize for everyone's all-around favorite little unnamed mystery?

Awful's Back to School Madness—Round 10
Which Blind Vice celeb is the Most Popular?
Thanks for voting!
Come back on Monday to find out which celeb schoolmates got the top prize!
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