Sorority Row, Jamie Chung

Michael Desmond/ Summit Entertainment

No need to sound the alarm if you see Vanessa Hudgens lookin' a bit bruised and battered these days.

She and her costars in the upcoming Sucker Punch are getting their asses whipped in preparation for director Zack Snyder's shoot.

"We have Navy SEALs doing physical training, and then we have stunt and fight choreographers from Watchman and 300," says Jamie Chung, who will play Amber in the action-packed fantasy flick about a young girl in a mental institution in the 1950s. "It's going to be awesome."

Well, not so awesome for her legs, which have been left black-and-blue…

"It's f--ked up," Chung, 26, says. "We were doing box jumps, and I missed and landed on my shins."

She'll have to do some covering up for tomorrow night's Hollywood premiere of Sorority Row, her new horror movie about a gaggle of co-eds being terrorized by a psycho killer. "It won't look cool on the red carpet, but makeup will fix that," she said.

Let's get back to Sucker Punch. Chung says she's most nervous about a different aspect of the film: singing. While she's mum about the details, Chung and costars Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Emily Browning, Carla Gugino and Oscar Isaac have already begun recording tracks. 

"I have to say that's the most terrifying part, because I don't sing," she says. "I'm working on it, but just because I'm Korean doesn't mean I karaoke."

No word if Snyder has taken Hudgen's boyfriend Zac Efron up on his offer to cross-dress just so he can be in the movie.


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