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There's at least one person out there who thinks politico Tom DeLay has an actual chance of going far in Dancing With the Stars.

"Some people who you think are going to do great, you see them and you think, 'Wow, they're not as good as I thought,'" professional hoofer Derek Hough says. "Or some people like Tom DeLay, might come out here and rock everyone's world."

Oh, really? Read on for Hough's explanation...

"I met [DeLay] the other day and he has so much charisma," Hough said. "He's just this lively guy. Sometimes that alone can do wonders for you."

Hough says his celeb partner, Polish-born model Joanna Krupa, is concerned folks have the wrong impression of her because of the not-so-nice run-ins she had with football star Terrell Owens on the reality show The Superstars.

"She's all worried that people are going to think she's a big bitch," Hough said. "But for me, she's not at all. She's very very sweet."

Their first dance will be a salsa. "The models always kind of have that stiff thing going on and not being able to loosen up," Hough said. "But she's working it out and doing good."

Hough will also make his singing debut on DWTS with best friend and fellow hoofer Mark Ballas. "It's got an urban vibe to it," Hough said of their sound, "but it's dance. It's stuff you hear at the clubs."

Hough admits season nine won't be the same without his sister Julianne Hough, who has taken time off from the dancefloor to concentrate on her acting and country music careers. "It is a little weird. I'm not going to lie," he said. "But she's still in L.A. and we're still going to kick it and stuff. Now that I'm single and she's good at the whole dating thing, she's going to help me out."

But then he quickly added, "I'm not really worried about that. I'm not really looking to get in a relationship right now."


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