Michael Jackson, Moving Truck

Mike Valdez/National Photo Group; Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

On the eve of Michael Jackson's long-awaited burial, there are still pieces of his life scattered all over the place.

With his estate presumably looking to consolidate, movers from Beverly Hills Transfer and Storage were spotted Monday carrying boxes and other items out of one of the King of Pop's former Las Vegas residences.

Chris Fries, a spokesman for the moving company, told E! News that they were under strict orders not to divulge what was being removed from the house.

"We're under a confidentiality agreement," Fries said. "You name it, we got it—just got a whole lot of stuff."

He said he has not been in contact with any Jackson family members, only business managers, and that he wasn't aware of where the items will eventually end up.

The answer to that may in fact be buried under a whole bunch of paperwork.

"We got a court order here saying everything is froze," he said. "I've never seen so [much] layering. Nobody has access to anything." 

Meanwhile, E! has learned that this isn't the first time Beverly Hills Transfer and Storage has been commissioned to transport Jackson possessions from A to B.

A source tells us that the company brought some of the memorabilia that had once been slated for the auction block back to Neverland Ranch, when it was still being considered as a possible memorial site.

"Some of those items were delivered back to the ranch because they were going to have the memorial up there before they decided on Staples center…it's the statues and yard stuff," says the source. "It's still up there. I don't know what they're going to do with it."

According to members of the security team at the Vegas house, Jackson and his kids left all of their furniture and other household items there when they moved to Los Angeles.

Jackson's family, meanwhile, is planning to finally inter the departed star Thursday at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif.

The death certificate has not yet been updated to reflect Forest Lawn as Jackson's final resting place, but it has been tweaked to reflect the coroner's homicide ruling since its initial release, E! News has confirmed.

The main cause of death is now listed as "acute propofol intoxication," with "benzodiazepine effect" cited as a contributing cause. The certificate also specifies "injection by another" as Jackson's fatal injury.


It's so much nicer to remember Michael Jackson when he was alive and well and using his stuff.

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