The Net has been abuzz for a bit that Madonna will make an appearance at the Video Music Awards in New York next weekend. Even though the queen's rep shot down that possibility to Marc Malkin last week, we hear MTV isn't ready to give up. So how might they entice Madge to hop onboard the very hyped show this year? By dangling the M.J. card, obviously.

We hear the VMAs are going to have a "big" Michael Jackson component, and execs are dying for Madonna to pay tribute to the King of Pop, because really, who else can?

So if Her Madgesty is a deal sealer for you to tune into the VMAs, we're told it very much could happen. She'll have wrapped the second leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour, and on top of her love for M.J., Madonna coincidentally has her new single, "Celebration," to promote. When it comes right down to it, every publicity appearance is calculated for someone of her stature, capisce? Plus, we're sure she'll be in the NYC neighborhood since that's where her love nest is with "love of her life" Jesus Luz.

What say you all? You want Madge onboard the Jackson-centric show? Or are you slightly over all this M.J. exposure?

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