Jon Gosselin

Why might not Jon Gosselin have to worry about being exploited anymore? Why can Selena Gomez lord it over Joe Jonas? And why does it look like lights out for daytime TV? 

The answers—and more questions—in the latest TV quiz: 

1. What's up with Jon & Kate? Not the numbers. Last week's Monday night episode was watched by just 690,000, per the latest Nielsen weekly rankings, down, oh, about 935 percent from June's "big announcement."

2. So, is the exploitation of the Gosselin family at its end? No. First off, last week's episode was a rerun. Secondly, it still recorded a bigger-than-average prime-time audience for TLC. Thirdly, Jon Gosselin, who broached the topic of exploitation—with regards to the media, and not TLC, he was quick to point out—keeps giving interviews, as does Kate Gosselin. Lastly, made you look, didn't we?

3. What did Selena Gomez do that almost no other cable tween star has done? Pull in an audience of more than 11 million people, sorry, fifth-graders. The premiere of Disney's Gomez-led Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie scored cable's biggest audience of the year, and outdid the likes of the Jonas Brothers' Camp Rock, the most-watched episode ever of Hannah Montana, all the iCarly movies and even the original High School Musical

4. Why does Zac Efron still rule? Because with its audience of 17.2 million, High School Musical 2 reigns as cable's all-time biggest movie.

5. Would you rather work in an auto factory or on a daytime soap? Don't answer so fast. The car business is bad; the super-couple business might be worse off. With the last episode of Guiding Light just weeks away, the Daytime Emmys, which almost didn't find a broadcast network home, and then only found the CW, averaged just 2.7 million viewers for Saturday's "big" show. Audience-wise, the telecast was down 50 percent from last year, and down nearly 70 percent from two years ago.

6. What's the biggest show on Lifetime? Don't answer so fast. The new network home to Project Runway was led last week by…Army Wives. The buzzing Drop Dead Diva even gave Runway a run for second place. Heidi Klum need not risk unsightly sweat stains, though—Project Runway was cable's No. 1 reality show.  

7.  Same old, same old? Yup. The Tuesday edition of America's Got Talent was TV's most-watched show, with 11.5 million viewers. Big Brother and Hell's Kitchen were hot, too. On cable, The Closer was the No. 1 drama or comedy series, with 7.4 million viewers, followed by the season finale of Royal Pains.

8. CSI or NCIS? If the summer trend continues in the fall, NCIS will be the most-watched drama series on TV. The show's CBS reruns routinly are outdrawing everything, save America's Got Talent.

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