Shia LaBeouf


Shia LaBeouf, dining with some of the cast of Wall Street 2 at trendy Palma in the West Village, NYC. A source tells us the group, which included John Buffalo Mailer, son of late writer Norman, was there to see one castmember's fiancées, who just so happened to be a psychic who'd formerly worked at the joint. So did Shia get a palm reading?

It sure looked like it from across the restaurant, our hungry eyes tell us. However, one thing was certain: Shia was looking quite the dapper young dude, complete with gentle manners and everything. That totally isn't the Shia we know. But then again, maybe the guy has turned over a new leaf—Shi sipped on water the entire evening, passing up alcohol again

Another celeb trying out new behavior was...

Jennifer Connelly, making the rounds at Whole Foods on Santa Monica Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue, L.A. The Beautiful Mind babe was stocking up on apples and beef jerky—uninteresting to a normal human, but we're thrilled we finally have proof that J-hon actually eats! Since she has been sporting nothing but bones for a while now, we were worried the beautiful skeleton had forgotten what a supermarket looked like. Better plump up if you want to win another Oscar, Jen! Whole Foods is a start, but might we recommend a No. 2 at In-N-Out?

Meanwhile, another starlet looking skinny yet sexy was...

AnnaLynne McCord, making her rounds at a Cirque de Soleil show in Vegas last week. McCord has been popping up everywhere—fundraisers, parties, performances and more—we're being flocked with pictures of both AnnaLynne (and her sister Angel). Remember our little discussion on ALM's nepotism issues? Looks like it isn't just her sister who's trying to rack up the photo ops! Don't worry, babe, we still think you're totally smokin' hot. Take all the damn pictures you want. Especially if they're with Kellan Lutz, who sneaked down to Las Vegas to visit Miss McCord while she was there. Rekindled romance in the works? Jeez, there's never a clean breakup anymore. 

Hopping on over to the Midwest now...

Josh Hartnett, hanging in St. Louis Park, Minn. Joshy was getting some takeout at Yum! Kitchen and Bakery, and fellow diners tell us he was nothing but polite. Not so random that this celeb (does he still count as one?) was found in the middle of the country, 'cause J.H. grew up a few miles away in Saint Paul. Must say, we wish he was working. What was the last movie Josh was in? Remember how hot he used to be? We loved him in the Pearl Harbor days, but J.H. hasn't exuded sexy in quite some time.

Additional reporting by Aly Weisman


Josh Hartnett's chillin' on the hottie back burner now, but check out life closer to the front burner of fame in our 10 Guys We Crave gallery.

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