Paula Abdul

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It's a superhard game to be able to sniff out what's gonna be a success—anyone else surprised The Hangover, funny as it was, is now the highest-grossing R-rated flick of all time? Can't say we saw that coming.

As far as the remainder of '09 goes, we have our best bets for "Most Likely to Succeed"—Whitney Houston's new album is totally destined to hit No. 1, along with New Moon (and pretty much any Twilight-related product). But what about all the upcoming H'wood biz that doesn't have a shot in hell of breaking big? Who's the winner of the soon-to-be losers?

Awful's Back to School Madness—Round 5
What upcoming celeb-starring project is the least likely to succeed?
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We'll let ya know when the student body's done voting. Now get back to class!
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