Nick Cannon, America's Got Talent

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Believe it or not, Coney Island Chris and his fiery ass will not be headlining his own show in Vegas anytime soon.

But five of the 11 acts he performed with last night on America's Got Talent still have a shot at seeing their name in lights and collecting $1 million for their efforts.

Five more individuals and/or groups were ushered into the semifinals Thursday to complete out the fourth season's top 20, who will take the stage again over the next two weeks in hope of getting that many more voters on their side.  

So, it was lights-out for Chris, but not before host Nick Cannon played a nasty trick on two of the most likable acts on the show…

After the Fray-channeling Drew Stevyns was given entrée to the finals, the wee EriAm Sisters—whom Piers Morgan called (somewhat facetiously, right?) the "next Destiny's Child"—started to thank the audience for the great experience they had on America's Got Talent, wished their fellow semifinalists good luck, etc.

"Aw, you're so nice," Cannon cooed. "In fact, America loves you so much…you're going through, too!"

Seacrest could learn thing or two about the fine art of making starry-eyed young contestants wet their pants.

With both of those acts headed to the next round, Coney Island Chris, Pam Martin's Top Dog and African High Flyers were X'd-out in one fell swoop. They were followed by singer-dancers Matt & Anthony and Bollywood troupe Ishaara.

It was the hard-banging lads of Recycled Percussion, who made David Hasselhoff want to break things last night, who ultimately snagged tonight's third spot (and 18th overall) in the finals. 

The next trick the producers placed up Cannon's sleeve was even more of a headtrip—for the judges.

After the host informed singer Barbara Padilla and her Sharon Osbourne-approved "perfection" that she had made the finals (and that the burlesque-dancing Lollipop Girls had not) it was up to Sharon, Piers and David to choose between adorable dancing 8-year-olds Erik & Rickie and the also-worthy singer Mia Boostrom, who didn't make it past the Vegas auditions last year.

And she didn't make it out of the quarters this year as, with the deciding vote, Piers opted to put Erik & Rickie through instead.

"To be able to share this opportunity with everyone here has just made me a better person. It just goes to show you, do not give up on your dreams."

Well, as Nick Cannon would say… Holla!

Here are the 20 budding talents moving on to compete in the semifinals over the next two weeks:

  • Acrodunk
  • Arcadian Broad
  • Drew Thomas Magic
  • Fab Five
  • Grandma Lee
  • Kevin Skinner
  • Paradizo Dance
  • The Voices of Glory
  • The Texas Tenors
  • Tony Hoard & Rory
  • Footworkingz
  • Hairo Torres
  • Jeffrey Ou
  • Mario & Jenny
  • Lawrence Beamen
  • Barbara Padilla
  • Erik & Rickie
  • Drew Stevyns
  • Recycled Percussion
  • EriAm Sisters
America's Talented Top 20?
Will you be tuning in for next week's semifinals?


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