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Is Megan Fox getting ready to slip into something not exactly comfortable, but much more leathery? Hollywood's buzzing that Meg is slated to be the next Catwoman when Chris Nolan's the third Batman flick starts shooting next year (which we told you forever ago would happen).

Megan Fox + sexy role + skin-tight bodysuit = No brainer, duh right?

We contacted Meg's rep to see if she is indeed set for the role, or if she would have any interest in being part of a big-blockbuster...again.

Here's the deal:

"Megan is a huge fan of the Batman movies and of director Christopher Nolan," Megan's rep tells us. "But these discussions have not taken place."

So the casting may be premature, but we don't think it's entirely out of the question.

Back when Megan ran that unstoppable mouth of hers semi-dissing the Transformers flicks saying those movies weren't about "acting," we were almost ready to count MF out for any big franchise films again. After all, when you end up doing all action films that leads you far from the golden Oscar path, ya dig?

But we see tons of PR type responses for Hollywood casting rumors and this one doesn't seem like a flat-out "no." At least not on Megan's end, anyways. Plus, we all know by now that when the dark-haired bombshell has her paws set on something, she'll most likely get it.

Don't consider it a sure thing, though. Remember, last time we checked in with our Batman source Rachel Weisz was still very much at the top of Warner Bros. list for the gig.

These two gals would play the part way differently. Yeah, it's a little obvious, but we think Meg's pretty perfect for the sassy-puss. Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight just left us a little bored, we need someone more spicy on screen this time around.

What kinda Catwoman do you want to see: sexy or serious?


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