Kate Gosselin

James Devaney/Getty Images

Get ready for Babs & Kate Plus Three Other Chatterboxes.

Reality mama Kate Gosselin is going from talk show fodder to talk show pundit, joining the list of growing and surprisingly topical guest cohosts for the upcoming season of The View.

Gosselin will throw her two cents into the coffee klatch on Sept. 14 and 15, when she sits in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, on maternity leave until October. She joins the already announced LaToya Jackson and Meghan McCain at the table.

Of course, tapping the TLC star to fill in for Hasselbeck is not without irony.

It appears Gosselin has taken the conservative host's riled-up advice, dished out on the show in June, to "get a job."

Bet Hasselbeck wasn't expecting it to be hers.


Can't get enough Gosselin action? Don't miss what she had to say about Jon and her Plus 8 on Larry King Live last night!

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