Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

AP Photo/Chris Polk

"I don't think so."

Saga source Deep Twi, when we asked if Breaking Dawn would be split into two movies. The ambivalent response is a bit unusual for our dishy Twilight insider, so if you ask us we don't think the possibility of turning the fourth book into a Harry Potter style two-part flick is entirely out of the question yet.

The idea has been floating around...

Staying super MIA, that's for sure—which is hardly by chance my lovelies. Everyone up north is trying extra hard to keep Eclipse, and the cast's extra-curricular activities, off the public radar. Much more than Twilight or New Moon.

We've heard the rumors of a Gyllenspoon-like coffee date between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Friday, and have some people who swear to us they spotted Robsten walking around Vancouver together Friday night.

The reason we're likely to believe the quasi-public rendezvous happened? Because they were only with each other. See, when certain castmates (who shall remain nameless) hit the streets with either Rob or Kristen they usually have a paparazzi's phone number on speed dial. Hence the convenient timing for the photogs to swarm the Twi group.

But Robsten so is not like that. When they want to be private they will most definitely find a way to do so. That's why we love 'em, right?


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