Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler

Jackson Lee / Splash News

Well, well, well. What do we have here?

This just happens to be costars Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston holding hands on set of The Bounty.

But interestingly enough, they were supposedly on a break from filming when the photo was taken.

And all this after People's report of public hand-holding between the two on Saturday!

According to People, they first had dinner at Freemans in New York City. Then another source saw them holding hands over cocktails at the Jane Hotel.

No doubt there is a perfectly good explanation...

"Jennifer was out with many others from the film and they were not holding hands," her rep told People. "Gerry was one of many from the film there."

Hmmm, a friendly nickname for Gerard and we're supposed to believe nothing's going on?

Freeman's and the Jane Hotel couldn't confirm or deny to E! News that Jen and Gerry were there this weekend.

Who knows what the real deal is with Jen and Gerry...but check out our gallery of costars who became couples off camera!

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