Well, I guess we're glad to hear that there isn't any tension between the women in Eric Dane's life. The part of his life that's been steaming up the Internet, anyway.

"Rebecca and I hit it off—she's really funny, she's a really cool girl," Kari Ann Peniche exclusively tells E! News. Peniche being, of course, the third consenting adult in the non-sextape that debuted this week, featuring her, Dane and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, chillin' and chattin' in the buff.

"I don't know, we just had a lot of fun," the 25-year-old model and aspiring swimwear designer said when asked what the heck was going on between her and the comely star couple.

And in the spirit of just having fun, Peniche firmly denies being the person who delivered the DVD to Los Angeles police, who were informed by an unnamed source that there could be celebrities engaging in illegal activity on the tape.

"If I was going to leak it, I would have done that a long time ago," she told E! Instead, she found out from Dane's lawyers that the tape had fallen into a third party's hands. (Or is that a fourth party, in this case?)

"Nobody raided my house, I haven't had any contact with LAPD," Peniche said, adding that she is "not really" concerned about authorities finding anything to get in a tizzy over on that tape.

In the meantime, Dane and Gayheart have understandably kept mum since an edited version (Dane's anatomy was blocked out) of the naked romp showed up on Gawker.com.

Besides, actions obviously speak louder than words.

Tune in to E! News on Monday, Aug. 24, and Tuesday, Aug. 25, at 7 & 11:30 p.m. for our full interview with Kari Ann Peniche.


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