Katie Holmes, AnOther Magazine, Cover

AnOther Magazine

High fashion modeling always equals dead in the eyes for Katie Holmes, posing here on the cover of Another magazine. This will be a really good look for Holmes & Yang ads, you know, her "premium designer" line with her stylist. Can't wait.

• Brangelina took Maddox and Pax shopping for gerbils and goldfish. This is pretty important news that you should store in the "remember forever" portion of your brain.

Ugh. Reporting on who Miley Cyrus is "full-on making out" with just seems so high school, and we can't muster up the energy to care right now. So just know it happened. Then she twittered she doesn't have a boyfriend. That's your Miley update.

Awww, we all need a Tim Gunn in our lives. Then the world would surely be a better place.


Formal jumpers exist, and Ashlee Simpson is wearing one in Fashion Police. You better go see for yourself. What a day, right?

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