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It's Friday, which means someone connected to the Michael Jackson death investigation is bound to have been served with a search warrant.

Today's unlucky recipient is Beverly Hills' Mickey Fine Pharmacy, where Drug Enforcement Administration agents turned up this afternoon in their quest to point a definitive finger at any doctor or dispensary who had a hand in Jackson's death.

The pharmacy, which not so coincidentally shares real estate with the King of Pop's embattled, possibly malpractice-facing dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein, has been extensively used by Jackson and his doctors and even filed suit against the star back in 2007 over an unpaid tab of nearly $100,000.

Which we—and no doubt the DEA—are guessing bought more than aspirin.

DEA spokesman Jose Martinez said officials are seeking evidence of "improper dispensing of controlled substances" from Mickey Fine, which has long serviced the star.

As it happens, Jackson business was being taken care of on two fronts today. While the search went down this afternoon, yet another hearing was taking place across town, this time dealing with a potential tour of Jackson memorabilia.

AEG struck an exclusive $6 million deal to put on the tour, and Jackson's estate, in particular Katherine Jackson, have been vocal in their opposition to the pact, claiming they could have reaped a bigger profit from the show if other promoters were allowed to bid on its rights.

Brother Randy Jackson was originally expected to take the stand today, but attorneys said in court this morning that he would not be called to testify. In his place, his nephew Taj, son of Tito Jackson and onetime member of 3T, will take the stand.


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