Project Runway, Mitchell Hall, Ari Fish, Nicolas Putvinski, Louise Black, Malvin Vien, Shirin Askari, Ra'Mon-Lawrence Coleman, Christopher Straub, Gordana Gehlhausen Irina Shabayeva, Johnny Sakalis, Qristyl Frazier, Logan Neitzel, Althea Harper, Carol Hannah Whitfield, Rodney Epperson

Mike Yarish/ Lifetime

Lifetime is not slimming on Project Runway.

The fashionista reality show opened its long-delayed sixth season, and began its first on Lifetime, before 4.2 million terribly, terribly patient fans.

The crowd was the biggest opener yet for Project Runway. And the highest-rated premiere ever on Lifetime, the network said.  

The last time Project Runway launched a new season—roughly, one billion years ago (or, July 2008)—the show aired on Bravo, and 2.9 million people tuned in the occasion.  


Can't get enough Runway? Check out our recap of last night's record-setting premiere.

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