Michael Jackson, Dr. Arnold Klein

Pool Photographer/Getty Images, Sgranitz/Getty Images

Let's see, how can I put this without sending E!'s legal team into uncontrolable fits of Burberry-skirted fury? Hmmm...In light of the ongoing investigation into Michael Jackson's death (honestly, he's had more press in the last month than he'd had in the last 10 years), I think it's time to switch burners and start cooking up somebody other than Dr. Conrad Murray. In other words, let's put Jackson's longtime (ego) pusher, Dr. Arnold Klein, in that legal frying pan for a nice, slow burn, shall we?

Given the pathetic state of M.J.'s body after double autopsies, it's hard to tell what's even left of his remains anymore. But I talked to some physicians, and in each of their professional opinions, they told me the brunt of the damage done to Michael's person could not possibly have been caused by Murray alone during the time he spent with the King of Pop (less than three years). Well, we knew that already, right?

So why has Klein, who tended Jackson through at least a few different noses, receiving arguably less legal scrutiny than Murray? And since cops are investigating him, it looks like maybe Murray will be made to legally answer for exactly what he did to Jackson for all those years, chemically speaking. The point is that drug addiction to the extent Michael Jackson suffered is a long-established dynamic. It began way before Murray, so he shouldn't alone be made to pay the price for what he did—or did not do—to Jackson.

I can't make any accusations because the people I've spoken with who worked in Klein's office won't go on the record. But hopefully, someone will—and soon. Why should two men be killed over this whole sorry affair when definitely at least three are majorly involved?

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