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Joanna Krupa went topless on the cover of this month's Maxim, she's bared it all for Playboy and now the 30-year-old Pole is making a play for the coveted Dancing With the Stars disco ball tropy.

No surprise: She has no qualms about the reality competition's signature barely-there costumes.

"You've got to show a little bit of skin to make it fun," she told us earlier today.

Read on for more about those eye-popping ensembles, how she's planning to stay injury-free and what her fiancé thinks of her spending time bumping and grinding with another man.

You're not shy with the camera. How revealing will your outfits get? Will you be the in the skimpiest costumes?
My job is so sexy. I've been known to do swimsuit lingerie and sexy spreads in magazines. I want to keep that going, so we'll see how skimpy the costumes will get. It will definitely be classy and flashy and hot. It won't be anything cheesy.

You're known for being a sex symbol…
Hey, whatever gets me to the finals. I'm really going to work hard at it. I mean, yeah, obviously I want to be the sexpot on the show like Gilles [Marini] was.

Your fiancé must be a little bit concerned, though, because so many couples have gotten together after being dance partners on the show.
It's always a concern in the back of his mind, and he does say it sometimes. But at the end of the day, we have that trust, and you can't overthink every situation...I don't think that just because you're working with somebody for three months on a dance, a relationship should be ruined.

Injuries have been a major issue on the show. Are you nervous about getting hurt?
I'm going to take it easy and not go overboard. I think a lot of people overtrained last season, and now the producers have changed the amount of hours we are allowed to train. I'm just going to play it safe.

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira


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