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Contrary to increasingly suspicious reports, Robert Pattison does have a girlfriend, let's get that clear. "So on," our myriad Twi sources tell us regarding the gorgeous twosome of R.Pattz and Kristen Stewart—who are back and cozy again in much closer proximity to each other than they were most of the summer.

So far, Eclipse is looking to be a very Robsten-lovin' smoochfest. But let's back up a bit and get some things straight, as it were:

Sometimes it just sucks to be a movie star. For every hand that offers you money and adoration, there's always another waiting to bitch-slap you across the face. As is the case with two of our faves from the Twilight cast...

Our disheveled and darling Rob was the subject of a typical trashy tabloid fabrication, per usual, from the folks over at the Daily Mirror. In a new article today, the tabloid Brits quoted Rob as saying, "I haven't got a girlfriend," along with a ton of other interview excerpts that we're finding are faker than a well-wishing birthday card from Summit.

The facts are wrong, and the logic just doesn't add up—besides, we know better than to trust every Rob-centric interview we see. We think the whole interview is a sham, but we'll keep our mouths closed for now and let some other folks dig up the dirt.

Daily Mirror, we're sure Robsten is waiting for your apology—now get on it.

Not quite as famous but still a passenger on the Twilight fame bandwagon was...

Nikki Reed, whose laptop was reportedly stolen, along with pictures from her summer trip to Greece with ex-Paris Hilton squeeze Paris Latsis. Could this be a hint at a future nudie-pic scandal for the glam vamp, like her costar Ashley Greene or dear "friend" Vanessa Hudgens? I mean, clearly a nooky tape is the next thing to rock this sex-tastic cast, right?

Nik was overheard telling R.Pattz about the thievery on a flight from LAX to Vancouver, but we're still not sure if a candid conversation is enough reason to believe. Nik's being totally silent on things, for a serious change. She won't budge on what's real out there right now, and what isn't? Wonder how long that'll last? Fifteen more minutes?

Regardless, Nikki may have cried theft, but who would have wanted to steal her laptop? No offense to the gorge vampire, but Nik is a fabulous occasional mess who we're only infatuated with, darlings. She's hardly on our permanent love list. Could the culprit have been some angry Twi-hard who wanted to swoop some dirty pics and get Reed booted from the franchise in a wild Rachelle Lefevre-meets-Miley-Cyrus plot twist?

Should have known better...nobody wants to see Paris Latsis' junk anyway. It's a shame the photos in question aren't from Robsten's personal behind-closed-doors stash!

—With additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Marc Snetiker

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