Up in the Air, George Clooney

Paramount Pictures

Who wouldn't want to spent a few hours in the airport with George Clooney? It's probably the only time you'd wind up wishing for a delay.

Alas, this mid-terminal moment is a new photo from the movie king's latest, Up in the Air.

The film is about a corporate downsizing expert whose only goal in life is to reach one million frequent flier miles. Of course, that plan goes haywire when he meets a lucky lady traveler.

The movie, premiering at Toronto Film Festival next month, also stars Vera Farmiga, Jason Bateman, Danny McBride and Twilight's Anna Kendrick. Something tells us he's not really thinking about any of them in this quixotic image…

The Clooney Conundrum
What's on George's mind?

Check out the poster for the film after the jump.

Up in the Air, Promo Poster

Paramount Pictures


Want a little more hang time with George? He's lookin' good in the Do-Gooder Gallery.

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