Recognize the Reveler


This hip-hop star seems to have his hands full while vacationing in Miami.

While he and his model girlfriend sunned themselves on South Beach, she wore a G-string bikini and didn't seem the least bit shy, despite the shutterbugs snapping away.

Guess we can't really blame the guy for not being able to keep his hands off her.

Think you know who's getting grabby? Find out after the jump...

Kanye West, Amber Rose


It's Kayne West with Amber Rose.

Later, Amber ditched her top altogether and frolicked in front of the photogs almost totally naked.

Kayne didn't seem amused by all the attention and was seen flipping off paps.

What do you think of his exhibitionist girlfriend?


Wearing a thong bikini is one way to avoid getting a wedgie...see what star was snapped with her swimsuit up her butt this week!

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