Paris Hilton, Pledge This

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Let's face facts. There was nothing Paris Hilton could do to salvage the stinkfest otherwise known as National Lampoon's Pedge This!, so why make a federal case of it?

With that in mind, a judge in Miami has absolved the acting-challenged heiress of having to pay $8 million in damages to producers of said bomb, who were suing her for failing to properly pimp the nominal comedy.

But while U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno ruled that Hilton did not breach her contract, hizzoner did suggest Hilton may have to return some of her $1 million paycheck.

Moreno asked lawyers to submit additional arguments before deciding on that, however.

Investors were seeking to recoup about $8.3 million in production costs on a film that grossed a measly $2.9 million worldwide.

In his ruling dated Monday, Moreno said the flick tanked "because the film's inexperienced producers hastily cobbled together a wholly inadequate marketing plan" and then tried to shift blame to Hilton.

Team Paris was predictably pumped. "We are grateful for the judge's time and thoughtful consideration of the issues in this case," Hilton attorney Michael Weinsten said in a statement.

The decision comes after last month's trial, which was lots more amusing than the sorority-themed flick, with Hilton admitting on the stand that the film stunk ("It could have been a lot better if it was done more professionally") and that it wasn't her fault if she appeared clueless ("My people handle my schedule. I'm a brand. I'm a businesswoman. I have 13 different product lines. I'm always working").

She also proclaimed, "If I have my name attached to something, I want it to be as big as it can be."

Lucky that doesn't hold true for legal judgments.

"They sent scattershot requests to their principal star in the hopes that she could find time to promote a sinking ship," he wrote.


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