Watching Ann Curry fawn over Brad Pitt is one of our favorite things to do. She's just so enamored with him and can't stop the giggles. Meanwhile, he's just playing it cool. So much sexual tension! (Not really.)

This morning, the Today show aired more from their exclusive interview with Brad where he announced his mayoral platforms last week—"I'm running on the gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation of marijuana platform."

Brad's interview is more about Inglourious Basterds this time around, until Curry decides to give him a French lesson followed by some career advice. She just wants him to make the right choices, you know—she's gotta watch out for her man.

So she suggests he do a kids' movie. Ah! They're totally on the same wavelength because he's already got that covered for his own kids: "I'm doing a voice for an animation film with Robert Downey Jr., Tina Fey. I'm a superhero who wants out...It's just something they'll enjoy and think Dad's cool."

The interview ends with one last round of Curry giggles and then Matt Lauer calls her out on her crush. "You say he and Quentin Tarantino get on. I think the two of you get on a little bit, too."

"He's a cool guy, I enjoy him," she responds. A Curry-Pitt union is in our near future. Will some tabloid cover please make this happen soon?


Ah, so Brad is working with RDJ, just not on Sherlock Holmes. Got it.

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