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The Twitterverse works in strange ways. On the very same night Jon Gosselin gets in some big epic, messy fight with Kate, the gods of Twitter smile upon the father of eight.

See, it's been awhile since J.Goss has just been able to relax with another chill dude like Michael Lohan and get some sound career advice. No doubt he lost that solid friend connection to Team Kate Major.

And Jon Gosselin cannot be losing friends right now. He's got a pool party to host Aug. 29 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which obviously means he's in need of some wingmen. The Twitterverse knows this and has assembled quite the dream team for Jon...Who could they be?

Dane Cook, Jeremy Piven, Kid Rock

Dane Cook, Jeremy Piven and Kid Rock! Or, as Dane Cook twittered, "Piv, Rock & I nailing down 2am Vegas style."

Perfect. Serious Michael Lohan upgrade, anyway. This is going to be the best pool party ever. Now everyone go nail it down or something.


Is this the scariest picture ever twittered by a famous person? Yes. It's probably good to balance it out with some of the more fun pics in our Tweet Peeks gallery.

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