Robsten who?

Taylor Lautner is the star of the new New Moon trailer released today in theaters (and on YouTube courtesy of crummy camcorder bootlegs) to lure teens to see Vanessa Hudgens' Bandslam.

Sure, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and that (arguably unimpressive) wolf come out for the 90-second party, but barely. The movie is all about Bella and Jacob's relationship and new clips are all about how Taylor speaks for the group better than his older colleagues.

In addition to some clips we haven't yet seen—hug twirls, motorcycle lifting and, yes, more sexy shirtless moments—Summit takes a documentary-like approach to this one, allowing Lautner to speak about the film as a whole and Bella's mental place throughout it.

"New Moon is a lot more complicated than Twilight was," he says. "Bella is in such a deep depression when Edward leaves and Jacob is the friend that will always be there for her…New Moon is going to be stepped up a whole other notch."

He ends the clip with a Hulk moment, but we know we'd still like Taylor when he's angry.


Not enough? That's why there's the New Moon Rising gallery!

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