As previously noted, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler shouldn't have walked this way (i.e. off the stage, see above) resulting in a broken shoulder, among other injuries. But we're happy to hear him talk this way (see below) in a message released to fans, describing the incident at the August 5th show in Sturgis, South Dakota:

"A major thunderstorm had delayed the show for an hour, but after it passed through, the full moon and tens of thousands of my biker buddies were ready to rock! It was one of the best shows we've played in a long time! The band was slammin' and I was lovin' every minute of it!"

"And just as I'm thinking, 'it doesn't get any better than this'... FUSES BLOW! We have an COMPLETE AUDIO SOUND SYSTEM FAILURE! (You can even see one of the amps frying on YouTube.)"

Read on to get ALL the gory details of Tyler's terrifying tumble…

Steven Tyler

AP Photo/Robert E. Klein

"We were in the middle of "Love In An Elevator," Tyler continues, "and the band slowly realized something was up. Well, I wasn't gonna go hide under the big top and play ROCK STAR and wait for everything to be fixed.

"I wanted to go out to the crowd to continue the show... so, the Train Kept A- Rollin' and I ran out on the cat walk and grabbed my mic to finish the song. I was doing the Tyler shuffle and then I zigged when I should have zagged...AND I slipped, and as I live on the edge...I fell off the edge!

"I landed upside down, and after twenty stitches on the back of my head, and a broken left shoulder, I just want to say that I'm plain grateful that I didn't break my neck! In truth, after thousands of live shows, falling off the edge four times ain't too bad.

"I want to thank all of the fans for your love and support. I also want to thank the Aerosmith crew and the Buffalo Chip staff for taking care of me in a time of need... and the Sturgis Police Department and the Medvac helicopter crew for getting me outta there before I bled to death... and all the doctors and nurses at the Rapid City Hospital for putting my Humpty Dumpty ass back together again.

"And most of all... I want to thank the angel on my shoulder."

And to continue Tyler's schtick of citing Aerosmith song titles, we think it's "Crazy" and "Amazing," not to mention, a "Sweet Emotion" that he lives to "Dream On" another day. Get well pronto, Steve!

The Aerosmith singer dodged the grim reaper on this one, but check out those less fortunate in our gallery of Shocking Pop Star Deaths.

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