Megan Fox really understands what teens are going through and that peer pressure can be a totally evil entity.

"Let's face it, high school can be tough and kids can be cruel, picking on others for just being different," she says in a heartwarming new public service announcement.

Then, she smartly gives some advice, hurling a few words we've kindly bleeped for your viewing/reading safety. And, in true Fox fashion, she says something a little crazy.

"What really matters is being yourself. And if that includes slowly killing then eating every boy at your school, well then I say do it. 'Cause nothing is more important than just being who you are."

Of course, the whole thing is a scripted spoof, meant to (peer) pressure you into theaters to see Jennifer's Body on Sept. 18.


That Megan Fox is a woman of many moods. See them here.

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