Nadya Suleman

Jason Mitchell/BuzzFoto/Getty Images

Popping out 14 kids can be rough on the body.

Just ask Octomom Nadya Suleman, who is recovering at Southern California hospital after going under the knife.

Her attorney, Jeff Czech, declined to release details of the procedure, but said Suleman was in good spirits and is "going to be fine."

No word when she'll be allowed to go home to her litter, currently being cared for round-the-clock by her TV camera crew parents and several nannies.

Maybe she had her tubes tied. Taxpayers can dream, can't they?

It's the latest trip to sick bay for Suleman since giving birth to her famous octuplets in January. She underwent a number of minor surgeries in May, but it's unknown whether those were gynelogical in nature.

If we're lucky, perhaps we'll find out what ails her on Aug. 19, when Fox airs Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage, which culls footage of the Angelina Jolie wannabe and her child-obsessed travails.

Speaking of Suleman's television endeavors, her archnemesis Gloria Allred lost an emergency petition Monday asking an Orange County probate court to appoint a "guardian ad litem" to look after the infants to ensure they're being properly cared for.

The high-powered attorney filed the request at the behest of A Minor Consideration, a group advocating on behalf of child actors that was worried about Suleman putting any TV endeavor ahead of the interests of the kids.


Looks like Octomom is angling for a spot in next year's gallery. But for now, here are pics of 2009's Summer Reality TV Stars.

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