Michael Jackson is still "not buried yet," but we're hearing that he's finally getting close.

Earlier today, a source close to the Jackson's told E! News that the family is now looking to purchase a private garden at Forest Lawn Memorial Park so that ultimately, the entire group can be laid to rest, side by side.

"They are waiting to work out the details on buying plots for the whole family before they lay Michael to rest," says the source.

Each garden, which runs about $253,000 and is enclosed by a brick wall with flowers surrounding it, can hold up to eight plots. Wait a minute, the garden only accomodates eight people?

Hmmm, we did the math and in this case, eight definitely isn't enough.

There are nine Jackson siblings alone, not including the patriarchs, Joe and Katherine Jackson, as well as each of their various family members, however no word yet on who won't make the cut.

E! News was also able to locate the Forest Lawn grave of Michael's grandmother, Martha Bridges, and contrary to some accounts reporting a hush-hush burial of Jackson's body beside Bridges, no signs of a fresh grave, or any new grave nearby, were located.

—Addtional reporting by Art Harris

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