Kellan Lutz, AnnaLynne McCord

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One Twilighty pair is kaput—and thank heaven it ain't Robsten.

Bloodsucker Kellan Lutz and 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord are officially over, so all you wannabe fang-bangers out there are one step closer to nabbing this bulky push-up champ for your own! But something tells us you may not be interested in the dude anymore...

"She broke up with him," says a close source to the pretty pair, who ended things about a week ago. So what happened? Snaps our insider matter-of-factly: "He wasn't a good boyfriend."

Yikes! So what did Kel do that was so bad the 90210 hottie couldn't take it anymore? And did AnnaLynne's superclose sisters' opinions of Kel have anything to do with the split?

According to the McLutz crony, the rumors of Kellan liplocking another girl last New Year's are true. "She forgave him," says the source. But what's even worse than wandering eyes and lips? The bastard didn't even get An-hon a damn gift on her B-day. "He showed up at her house with flowers and took her to dinner, but that was it," says the source. "No gift."

Lutz tried to mend things Doug Reinhardt-style by organizing a romantic vacay—renting a hotel room for the two in Santa Monica to "get away." But McCord said it was too friggin' late. Smart girl!

Reps for both haven't gotten back to us, but we talked to AnnaLynne's sisters, Rachel and Angel McCord, at the Terez West Coast Launch at Skybar about dudes and dating, and they gave us some more insight on what may have led to the breakup...

Said Rachel, "I am so protective of my sisters. When you date the sister, you date the family. We're very influential. It freaks [guys] out. We live together. We're together all the time. We're just gonna invade on your date, no worries! Family values are No. 1 for us.

"We all look at it like, if AnnaLynne doesn't like him, or Angel doesn't like him, or Rachel doesn't like him, then it's for a reason," continued Rach. "We always want the best for each other."

Guess Rach and Angel didn't care for Lutz much, huh?

Personally, we're sorry there's no chance of superhot offspring between these two gorgeous blonds, but AnnaLynne def deserves better. Good thing there's tons of Twilight testosterone to go around, not to mention that latest Australian batch in the form of Xavier Samuel!

Just stay away from R.Pattz, 'K?

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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