Cameron Douglas

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Just when you thought things couldn't get any suckier for Cameron Douglas...

The Hollywood scion and his gal-pal now have his and hers drug charges. This, after said girlfriend, Kelly Sott, was busted in New York yesterday allegedly trying to sneak an electric toothbrush filled with heroin to her incarcerated beau.


Douglas, the 30-year-old son of Michael and grandson of Kirk, was arrested July 28 for allegedly trying to traffic massive quantities of crystal meth and faces charges that could land him life in federal prison.

According to the complaint obtained by E! News, a private security guard hired to watch over Douglas overheard him phoning Scott and repeatedly asking her to bring him "his toothbrush." This despite being given one by authorities after posting bail and put under house arrest at his mother Diandra's posh apartment on New York's Upper East Side.

The guard alerted the DEA. When Sott showed up later in the day with a tote bag including the aforementioned toothbrush, the guard opened up the battery compartment and discovered a brownish subsance, which tests later confirmed were 19 dime bags of heroin, per the court docs.

A DEA agent searched the hotel room she shared with Douglas and allegedly found empty dime bags, syringes, cotton balls and a small amount of heroin, marijuana and crystal meth.

Sott claimed she had no idea what was hidden in the toothbrush but that didn't fly with authorities and she was charged with drug smuggling. A judge ordered her to remain held without bail but did grant a request by her lawyer that she be allowed treatment for hypertension given she's a heroin user.

—Reporting by Lindsay Miller



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