Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana

Disney, Kevin Winter/TCA 2009/ Getty Images for Fox

"Oh, Miley!"

C'mon, we know you were all saying it when you saw her little pole dance on Monday night's Teen Choice Awards. It's not something we expected from a 16-year-old Disney star. Even Miley Cyrus.

Actually, we suppose this wasn't much of a surprise from the Vanity Fair posing, older man dating, short-skirt wearing incarnation of Cyrus. That sweet Hannah Montana girl, however, is another story.

The, kiddie lovin', blonde wig-wearing, aw-shucks gal sees the DVD of her hit flick, Hannah Montana: The Movie, land in stores next Tuesday.

This multiple personality, reality/fiction blur has our head spinning. She's really just so complex.

The Cyrus Dilemma
If you could only choose one version of Miley Cyrus, which would it be?


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