Sure, Summit's teasing us with a 14-second taste of the New Moon trailer that we'll have to pay to see Vanessa Hudgens' Bandslam this weekend to see in full, but it's better than nothing, right?

In the short clip, we only get a teeny-tiny dose of Robert Pattinson, but we get a big bite of Taylor Lautner being dreamy as Jacob Black. (And, thankfully, no more lame werewolf shots.)

"I know what he did to you, but, Bella, I won't ever hurt you. I promise," he vows. Swoon, although the plea would be so much hotter if it came after he gets a haircut though.

"You're sorta beautiful," Kristen Stewart says. Um, what was that, spider monkey?

Whatevs. Who's getting a ticket to Bandslam to see the whole thing?

Yeah, we thought so.


Just in case you want to watch the New Moon teaser trailer again, here it is.

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