Megan Fox

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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Teens make terrible choices.

To honor their terrible choices, celebs attending the Teen Choice Awards tend to slum it in the kind of casualwear usually found inside the bargain bin at Old Navy. (Ahem, R.Pattz!)

But not Megan Fox! This Choice Hottie showed up to Universal City looking glamorous—and like an actual movie star—in a cream-colored party dress. Megs displays a tasteful restraint in both breast-plate exposure and leg-to-hem ratio. Her hair looks lush, and her accessories are fab.

We'll admit, though, that Megan has taken a pale page from the Twilight book of skin care—her largest organ looks much healthier here, than if soaked in tangerine spray-on tan.

There you have it, kids, Megan Fox wins the night! Now, back to school with you, all of you.


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