Mischa Barton

Humberto Carreno/startraksphoto.com

Mischa Barton was just recently released from her hospital stay, and she's immediately popping up all over the place. Wasn't much of a break, was it?

Misch was seen slinking outside B&H Electronics on New York City's Westside, shopping for some high-tech equipment, 'tho we wish she were shopping for a new wardrobe. She donned her usual odd attire of black short-shorts, black T, a vest, and a black hat topping off her hipster fashion statement.

At least she looked happy chatting with two gal pals, displaying a much more hopefully countenance than how she was a few weeks ago.

One gal who never seems to be in a bad mood, ever (unless the paps are nearby) was…

Cameron Diaz at the Chataeu Marmont post-Teen Choice, relaxing after a night full of screaming kiddies. Cam made a wardrobe change to something much more casj, jeans and a top. Was she lurking in the hotel bar, waiting for Robsten to come out of the elevator like everyone else? We're sure even Ms. Diaz woulda snapped a photo on her cell if she did!

One dude dealing with his own set of love trubs was…

Laurence Fischburne with man's best friend at the Laurel Canyon dog park. LF wore shades, a butto-down loose shirt and total scruff gruff face, walking around with his Dalmatian, who totally checked out Charlie Casablanca like it was canine night at Les Deux or something. The spotted pup got his flirt on, much to Larry's annoyance.

Hey, we all sniff our noses in other people's derrieres from time to time, what's the problem?

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain and Taryn Ryder


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