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Quentin Tarantino knows from vampires.

Before Edward Cullen's bloodsucking got teen girls' pulses racing, Tarantino and George Clooney were putting down the undead in the cult flick Dusk Till Dawn. So what does the master filmmaker like Tarantino think of a junior varsity vampire franchise like Twilight?

"I haven't had a chance to see Twilight yet but I want to!" Tarantino told E! News today at the junket for his Nazi-scalping flick, Inglourious Basterds.

Asked how the vampire genre has changed since Dusk Till Dawn, Tarantino responded, "Vampire movies have always been about not fitting in high school. Twilight seems like that."

And what vamp flick did the noted film geek recommend for fanggirls and -boys anxiously awaiting the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon?

The 2008 Swedish bloodsucking romance, Let the Right One In.

Main Basterd Brad Pitt was AWOL from the day's media duties, leaving it up to costars like The Office's B.J. Novak and Hostel director Eli Roth to address the press and describe what it was like working on a sweeping historical drama with such heavyweights as Tarantino and Pitt.

Novak complimented Pitt for his constant good nature on. "Brad would keep his [Southern] accent between takes, spend a lot of time choosing his guns and weapons" Novak said. "He always brought a sense of fun to the set."

Regardless of the grim subject matter gore-porn auteur Roth said that Inglorious's story of Jewish soldiers slaughtering Nazi's is akin to "Kosher Porn" and said that watching the final cut of the film was "orgasmic."

We look forward to the glorious climax hitting theaters Aug. 21.


Will Basterds be a hit or a miss? Check out the clips below and let us know in the comments.

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