Jenny McCarthy, Evan, Cookie Magazine

Matt Jones for Cookie Magazine

Jenny McCarthy is not afraid to tell it like it is.

In the new issue of Cookie magazine, she recalled the first time her son Evan, 7, had a seizure when he was about two years old. The seizure lasted for seven hours and Evan went into cardiac arrest.

Doctors prescribed anti-seizure medication that led to him being awake for four days. He had hallucinations and he banged his head against the wall until he bled.

"I wanted God to take him away, because I loved him so much and he was in so much pain," McCarthy said.

Evan was eventually diagnosed with autism. McCarthy has since become a leading activist who believes autism is caused by routine early childhood vaccinations.

Evan is now symptom-free. His last seizure was on Mother's Day two years ago. McCarthy credits his recovery to a diet free of wheat and dairy along with therapy.

And she makes no secret about not wanting to have another baby. McCarthy said of her boyfriend Jim Carrey, "It's wacky-weird that not only does [Carrey] not want to get married, which I love, but he also doesn't want to have more kids, which I love."


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