You'd think they'd get along since they have so much in common, but apparently, vampires don't like sharks. In fact, they "bother" them. Especially vamps like Robert Pattinson.

Jimmy Fallon has taken to the tree dressed as the beloved and bothered bloodsucker yet again. This time, he's not annoyed by Harry Potter. (Faux) Pattz just can't stand the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, and he's started a new website——to vent his frustrations.

"Sharks are stupid," he declares. "Sharks bite people when they smell blood. Sound familiar? Oh yeah, wait! They're like vampires. Copycat fishes! Copyfishes. I can fly. Sharks can swim. That's pathetic."

Kristen Stewart even makes a cameo in the video. Pattz admits they're secretly together and he loves her. But things go south rather quickly. When she confesses would rather watch Shark Week programming than Cash Cab, he kisses her cheek and tosses her from the tree. Poor (inflatable) K.Stew.

Love it.

NBC, please get on the horn NOW to secure the real deal hanging among the branches, complaining about how the Late Night host bothers him. How awesome would that be?!


OMG! Robsten lovers, did you see this?!

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