Kristen Stewart


Yes, we're aware that pretty much all of the Twilight cast has landed in Vancouver BC to get rolling on the Eclipse, the third film in the mega-franchise.

Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed Taylor Lautner and the whole friggin' gang is up north and ready to get rolling.

But where are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

Hiding out together in bed? Having yelling phone matches across the city over Rob's declaration that he's "single and free"? Or are they just getting the ax now, too, just like poor Rachelle Lafevre?

Well, relax!

Everything is fine in the land of Robsten. They are just finally getting a mini work-break. Interesting that it's here in LA...together.

And that R.Pattz, who does not have a permanent residence in Los Angeles by the way, decided to take an overnight pit stop after landing in LAX yesterday. But this is just total coincidence, because R & K are "very good friends" right?

Oh, and Rob and Kristen are both a definite go to show up to the Teen Choice Awards in LA this weekend (along with some of the other key Twi players). They're being taped in Universal City on Sunday, FYI, but won't air until Monday.

And by then Robsten is apparently already going to be settled up in VBC. Deep Twi tells us that production is going to get going very early next week, so Kristen and Rob need to get their hot little butts up north ASAP.

And don't expect to see much of Rob and Kristen. Right now everyone is continuing to help them out by being super under-the-radar with their whereabouts. Geez, more effort is spent on that than security. Priorities lie with stars personal lives, not safety we guess. We'll keep you updated though. Cross our Robsten lovin' hearts.

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