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How rich are the Harry Potter kids? I imagine they are set for life.
—Eric, Sacramento, Calif., via Facebook

Set for life, yes, but not just any life. A life of skiing at a private chalet, raking in cash from multimillion-dollar real estate investments, fighting boredom by modeling for luxury fashion houses, and picking only the artsiest, lowest-budget and most BAFTA-chasing movies available.

Just how crazy rich are the three kids we've watched work their way through Hogwart's? Well, let's start with that ski chalet...

...owned by Emma "Hermione Granger" Watson. She herself has said she never has to work again if she doesn't want to, thanks to a reported $20.1 million in paychecks. Most of that is reportedly tied up in investments, but she has apparently spent some of it on a $5 million London townhouse and a $1.4 million ski chalet in the French town of Méribel.

Despite all that, her bank account at Gringott's is likely to grow even more; she's a model for Burberry, and she says she plans on taking more acting gigs.

Daniel Radcliffe is also pretty set—I mean, if you consider a $50.5 million income from the Harry Potter films "set." He has squirreled away a bunch of it in a real estate portfolio, just in case he, you know, accidentally spends it all.

Rupert Grint, poor guy, only has a reported $12 million to play with—including a reported $4 million paycheck from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix—but he's also made clear that he's going to be working pretty constantly. He recently shot a thriller called Cherry Bomb.

It's all crazy money, but these kids aren't the only actors who have cleaned up with the help of a money-spewing franchise.

Right, Tobey Maguire?

Once he deposits the reported $50 million he'll make on the next two Spider-Man movies, he just might be wealthy enough to hang out at the Hogwart's Alumni Club.


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