She's hot in pics, no debate. Her quotes are gold, like li'l surreal haikus. But Megan Fox shines in that special way of hers when on camera, as is so clear in this snippet of her as she simply mounts a mode of transportation. A defenseless onlooker can only offer, "Megan, you look great! 'Night!"

So before the sun sets on National Megan Fox Awareness Day, we've collected our fave foxy video moments, namely Megs slinking around in a soaking dress, admitting she looks like Alan Alda and dissing Seth Rogen.

If this was some cheesy men's-interest site, we'd now say something like, "The pause button is your friend." But we're not. So we won't.


Should we call her M.Fox? Megs? Naw...Megan Fox is just fine. Anyway, here are some more pics.

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