Rihanna, Chris Brown

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Does Rihanna want her face-time with Chris Brown to be a little less coincidental?

The pop star's attorney tells E! News that his client is looking to do away with the order of protection that's been in place since Brown copped to beating on Rihanna in February, which requires the "Run It" singer to stay at least 50 yards away from his ex-girlfriend.

The court allowed some leeway in case the duo were both in attendance at a music industry event, meaning Brown wouldn't be hauled off to the clink if he and Rihanna happened to rub elbows at the Grammys.

But whether she wanted this all along or was moved by Brown's videotaped mea culpa (and the promise of yet another apology on Larry King Live Wednesday night), Rihanna, who declined the court's offer of a restraining order back in March, feels that a level-one protection order will be sufficient from now on.

Which, basically, constitutes a handful of stipulations that you would want anyone to abide by.

"That order would prevent Chris from annoying, molesting or harassing her," attorney Donald Etra told us. "That level-one order would fully protect her."

"The order in effect now is a stay away order preventing them from coming within 50 yards of each other," Etra added, but "Rihanna's position from the beginning is that there was no need for that level of protective order."

Rihanna and Brown have crossed paths multiple times since their Feb. 8 altercation, which prevented both of them from attending that night's Grammy Awards and ultimately led to Brown being charged with felony assault and making criminal threats.

He pleaded guilty to assault in June and was sentenced to five years' probation, 180 days of community service and an anti-domestic violence program.

Brown's due to be formally sentenced tomorrow, hence the update from Rihanna's camp.

And, if she gets her way, perhaps she and Brown will get to attend their next basketball game together.

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