Barack Obama


President Barack Obama knows that sharing is caring.

The president turned 48 today, but he brought cupcakes for a White House correspondent who happens to share the same birthday.

Obama stopped into the briefing room, unannounced, with a plate of cupcakes for columnist Helen Thomas, who turns 89 today.

He then led the room of reporters in a chorus of "Happy Birthday" and posed for a photo with Helen.

Although he didn't answer any questions about his own birthday, he seemed to hint at what he'll wish for when he blows out his candles...

Obama joked that Helen was wishing for peace, no prejudice and a health care reform bill.

His own birthday didn't go unnoticed in White House. Kids on a White House tour sang "Happy Birthday" on the North Portico steps.

Meanwhile, he spent his lunch with most of the Democratic Senate Caucus discussing a new health care bill. He was probably just passing along Helen's wish.


It's not her birthday, but it is Megan Fox Awareness Day at E! Online.

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