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First, there was the casting switcheroo heard around the world. Then, there was the tragic news that the cast of New Moon would not be taking it all off onscreen (foiled again).

Now, for the second time this year, Stephenie Meyer has been accused of plagiarizing one of her bestselling tomes.

Is the Twilight franchise unraveling at the seams?

Nah. But it is bringing them out of the woodwork.

Self-described writer-singer Jordan Scott has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Twilight mastermind, accusing Meyer of blatantly ripping off Scott's vampire love trilogy, The Nocturne—parts of which she posted online back in 2003 and which therefore, she claims, were readily available for Meyer to swindle.

To which we say, she wishes.

So what are these indefensible—not to mention, per Scott's lawyer, "striking and substantial"—literary similarities?

Well, for starters, one of the characters in Breaking Dawn refers to another character as "love." Multiple times.

And wouldn't you just know the same pet name is strewn about The Nocturne? Talk about being caught red-handed.

Of course that's not all, according to the 21-year-old Scott, who was 15 when she began publishing her work online. (Though, devil's advocate, had Meyer plagiarized from a 15-year-old, it might explain some of those peer criticisms…)

If you haven't yet read Breaking Dawn and life as you know it will be ruined by the mere mention of a SPOILER ALERT, well, you should probably learn to read a little faster. And avoid looking any further down the page.

Scott's letter alleges that Meyer "misappropriated both the ideas and in many instances the text" from The Nocturne, counting out 17 grievances in all.

The following are the EXTREMELY SPOILERIFIC scenes from Breaking Dawn Scott claims Meyer lifted (Warning: this is your last chance to stop reading):

• Edward & Bella's wedding scene

• Edward & Bella's beach consummation

• Edward & Bella's post-coital bliss

• Bella's nightmare

• Jacob discovering Bella's pregnancy

• Bella falling sick due to her carrying a child with evil powers

• Jacob's description of Bella's pregnancy

• Bella "sensing" her unborn child is a boy

• Jacob watching Edward & Bella discuss their unborn child

• Bella's gruesome delivery scene

• Jacob describing Bella's death

• Attempts at resuscitating Bella

• Bella seeing her newborn daughter for the first time

• Bella being turned into a vampire

• Bella talking about the loss of memories from her human life

• Renesmee's ability to project memories onto other people

What say you, Twihards? Did Meyer pinch Scott's work? Is it a coincidence or is Scott just full of it? Take a gander at the accusations and judge for yourselves.


You know who would never get caught plagiarizing? Megan Fox. If only because no one else would dare lay claim to sound bites like these.

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