Recognize the Reveler

Brian Flannery/

Apologies if you're eating lunch, but we just had to call attention to this guy showing off his gut.

He's a newly famous face, but we really didn't need to see his paunchy, hairy stomach, which he displayed for photogs.

With a body like that, we can't help but wonder how the newly single dad manages to score girls 10 years younger than him.

Oh yeah...he's rich, famous and has his own TV show. Maybe that makes them forget about the flabby abs?

Think you know who this hot body belongs to? Find out after the jump...

It's Jon Gosselin, star of Jon & Kate Plus 8, former hubby of Kate and maybe boyfriend of Hailey Glassman, Kate Major and his new babysitter?

Wonder if he'll be hitting the gym for his rumored divorced dad show?


Now that you've seen Jon's flabtastic abs, feast your eyes on a star's seriously enviable sixpack instead!

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