Cameron Douglas


Your gramps is a Hollywood god. Your dad has a couple of Oscars on the shelf. Your stepmom is insanely hot. And you?

Just got busted for allegedly trying to sell a boatload of meth...

Yep, it sucks to be Cameron Douglas.

The 30-year-old actor, whose familial credits (son of Michael Douglas, stepson of Catherine Zeta-Jones and grandson of Kirk Douglas) far outweigh his onscreen ones (remember the cable movie Adam and Eve—nope, neither do we), is reportedly cooling his heels in a federal lockup after a July 28 bust.

According to the New York Post, the younger Douglas, who already has a 2007 cocaine arrest on his rap sheet, was caught in a swanky NYC hotel trying to sell half a pound of crystal meth.

No official comment from the feds or Team Douglas, who are no doubt really psyched about the turn of events.


In happier news, today is National Megan Fox Awareness Day.

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