Megan Fox, Great White Shark

James Devaney/Getty Images; Caterina Gennaro/Discovery Channel

In honor of Shark Week, we want to pay homage to our fave man-predator: Megan Fox. Screw Asylum's ban of the feisty beyotch. What's one day without MF gonna do? Nada. Instead, our E! family is making today all about Miss Fox.

We're not sure what's more dangerous—sharks on the prowl or a single Megan Fox out to play. So that's why we think this whole week should be dedicated to her and the men she may or may not have conquered.  

Speaking of, what should Robert Pattinson's week be? Rabbit? Cause he's so cuddly and furry. Shia LaBouf doesn't deserve a whole week, but can have a day…maybe.

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